Microsoft Education was looking to close the skills and employability gap – especially among students of color and disadvantaged and displaced students around the world with educational resources, programs and connections that create equity for all.


Tell a powerful story (create a “book cover”) that inspires influential adults and educators to see a near-future scenario where all kids are empowered to learn and become future-ready.

Petros worked with Ayzenberg Agency to develop the ‘Every Student Has a Voice’ campaign, traveling with  a documentary crew around the world to cast a light on students leveling the playing field in future ready classrooms. The children turned the cameras on themselves and speaking in their own voices about their empowerment, told their inspirational and heart-felt stories for influential adults, educators and students world-wide.


Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and on the  Microsoft Education website


MicroSoft loved the final hero spot because it hit the authenticity their brand strives for. With support through social and FlipGrid, the spot garnered additional conversation inviting classrooms featured in the campaign to converse with each other and students around the globe. 

Each classroom in the campaign worked on local issues in which, students around the world could collaborate in finding solutions. This collaboration drove  engagement with FlipGrid (an educator curated student social platform where students converse and learn from each other) was a huge win for MicroSoft Education and an example of a campaign taking  on a life of its own.