NBA star Kevin Durant’s headphone brand, Master and Dynamic needed to develop a new campaign.

Petros’ agency, Louder Than Bombs, worked to create an emotional story around Kevin’s connection to music and his process to master his craft. Kevin’s recent decision to join the New York Nets became the backdrop for the story. Rather than tell a typical sports hero narrative of how he made it up from the streets, or a rapid fire spot of shooting hoops, Re-invention became the story of how the biggest moves you make aren’t always on the court. It’s often the quiet before the storm where you go to to collect your thoughts and make the decisions that define your road ahead.

In Re-invention, Kevin takes us to his home where, in his own words, he considers his process and approach not just to basket ball but to life — That the path to mastery of a craft requires staying true to your roots while maintaining a relentless ability to change it up and adapt, leading us to the campaign tag line for M& D headphones, “Never Sound the Same.”

Petros worked with long time collaborator, photographer Michael Muller to shoot the campaign.